Flooring is the name given to the situation in which we lay the floor of our house. Flooring is the element that we should pay the most attention to when determining the style of our home decoration. Because the color and material of your floor determines the appearance of your home. Choosing all your furniture and items in accordance with your floor will ensure that your decoration is in harmony and integrity. If your floor covering is the leading role, your furniture is the side player.


Undoubtedly, one of the main actors of mechanical installation in habitable buildings is plumbing. The way to reach water in buildings in a healthy way is through the design of the installation system and the processes of product selection.


Plumbing is directly related to the protection of human health. Urbanization and modern life increased the importance of plumbing and plumbing along with the needs. Likewise, the materials used varied. Since the issue of water transport is directly related to human health, pipes used in clean water installations should be made of materials suitable for their intended use, not affecting the water quality and resistant to corrosion.


These two services should be in harmony together. Because if you have a bad plumbing, it will damage your floor and your health. If you have a bad floor, it will damage your plumbing. Fortunately, your solution partner H.V Painting is with you. As H.V Painting, we solve your flooring and plumbing applications with our affordable service. Contact us to get information about and benefit from our flooring and plumbing service.


Our Mission

You have decided to apply for flooring and plumbing renovation. But you are having a hard time finding a master who will offer you the best service at the most affordable price. Or you don’t have time to tell your wishes or talk about the price by walking around or calling one by one. This is where H.V Painting comes into play.


We reinvent your home, office or company with our various flooring plumbing products. You can choose the materials of your floors or sanitary ware yourself and we will renew them according to your wishes. As H.V Painting, we offer you the best quality service with our affordable flooring and plumbing services. You can also benefit from our flooring and plumbing services separately. Contact us to take advantage of our affordable flooring and plumbing services and to get more information.