It is possible to ensure both security and successful landscaping with the fence models around the garden, which are preferred by many campuses, especially private properties. The gardens are protected against all kinds of external threats with fences that make unauthorized access to the gardens of the properties impossible.

The height foreseen for the fences to be built around the garden is 1.5 meters. However, between these fences, a pole is erected every 3 meters, thereby increasing the durability and strength of the fence. After the implementation, it is ensured that the security of the garden is maximized by stretching over the wires, optionally from spiral fences. Our company, which provides all kinds of fence services that will be necessary for the garden area, provides high-level comfort and protection in these places with its quality services.


Our Mission

As H.V Painting fence construction company, we build fences that will allow you to stay in your home peacefully and safely. We also make fences that will beautify your garden with our decorative fence construction service. Meet the needs of your home with our affordable fence construction service. Contact us to take advantage of our fence construction services and to get more information. Open the door to happiness with H.V Painting.