About Us

With our experience, the H.V Painting team adopts a delivery that will make you happy for your paint and renovation works, which it will deliver in a short time with the best quality materials, the cleanest workmanship and the most reasonable price policy.


The H.V Painting team will help you choose the most suitable paint for your space with its material experience. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with our professional team with the right material selection.


In addition, as H.V Painting, we provide you with fully equipped service. We provide many services such as roofing, fencing, masonry, carpentry, framing, drywall and floor plumbing. As H.V Painting, we are a fully equipped painting company.


Good paint turns into art in the hands of a good painter. Create a happy living space in your home by choosing H.V painting. H.V. As Painting, we serve all of America with our San Antonio-based company. Contact us to get more information about our H.V painting services or to benefit from our services.


With the hope that your colorful living spaces will bring you happiness…


“The H.V Painting team came to our house and painted our house in one day. It was truly an incredible experience! I must also say that they provide a very high quality service at an affordable price. From now on, I will always prefer H.V Painting for all my home renovation needs. Also I recommend it to everyone.”

Barley P.

“First of all, I would like to thank the whole team for the meticulously clean paint and workmanship. They also provided a fast and quality service at an affordable price."

John M.

" You guys are amazing and have an incredible support and service. My house needed a refurbishment and painting but I couldn't find the right painting company. After contacting H.V Painting they helped me with all the services. I am very happy that my house has been completely renovated. Thank you H.V Painting."

Monica J.